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Advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS, is critical to getting an accurate, cost-effective view of your land conveniently from the skies, enabling our teams and every client to understand the scope and purview of every project, big or small, before breaking ground.

Safety is our Top Priority

With UAS, Datapoint can effortlessly and safely survey rugged terrain, provide detailed topography analysis, and enable greater insight into the project site through aerial mapping, 3D rendering, and close range photogrammetry. At Datapoint, safety is our first priority, which is why our pilots are Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots, trained experts for flying and handling unmanned aircraft. With us, you can rest easy knowing the most skilled technicians are behind every aircraft and committed to providing the best surveying solutions.

Providing a Detailed View

Datapoint is proud to offer the following UAS services for our clients across a variety of industries, including oil & gas, renewable energy, and municipalities.

  • Aerial Mapping of Project Sites
  • 3D Rendering and Analysis
  • Aerial Construction and Project Updates
  • Abbreviated Site Visits
  • Close Range Photogrammetry
  • Video Inspection of Facility Equipment
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